A Swedish clothing brand run by a fashion family, Wallmanssons, was founded in 1998 by the designer, Kiki, also known as head of the family. Since 2000 she has been the sole owner of the company, as the other founders were forced to leave their shares. Kiki has a solid background in the fashion industry; she has been working for several big Scandinavian companies such as Solo, BikBok, and last but not least, JC, where she was head of design when the company hit their prime in the mid 90s.

The company has grown organically, and over the years has always been profitable with few exceptions, and had a good margin every year. In 2016, the net turnover was 57 million SEK, selling almost 75,000 jackets, which is the most significant product group for the company. According to the sales forecast for the current year, the net turnover will be 70 million SEK (based on pre-orders already placed and sold).